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BIFOLD Researchers

Christopher J. Anders

Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Kaustubh Beedkar

Senior Research Associate

Prof. Dr. Matthias Böhm

Full Professor and Chair

Dr. Stefan Chmiela

Postdoctoral Researcher

Oliver Eberle

Research Associate

Dr. Jan E. Gerken

Postdoctoral Researcher

Miriam Hägele

Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Jan Hermann

Junior Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Odej Kao

Full Professor

Dr. Zoi Kaoudi


Ph.D. Pan Kessel

Postdoctoral Researcher

Prof. Dr. Frederick Klauschen

Professor, Senior Consultant Pathologist and Associate Director

David Lassner

Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Danh Le Phuoc

Senior Researcher

Lorenz Linhardt

Research Associate

Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer

Chief Medical Information Officer

Dr. Grégoire Montavon

Research Associate

Dr. Habib Mostafaei

Postdoctoral Researcher

Dr. Osman Musa

Postdoctoral Researcher

Ph.D. Shinichi Nakajima

Postdoctoral Researcher

Kim A. Nicoli

Doctoral Researcher

Prof. Dr. Uwe Ohler

Lab Group Leader

Prof. Dr. Wojciech Samek

Head of AI Department

Dr. Florian Schintke

Research Department Head

Dr. Sven Schmeier

Senior Consultant

Thomas Schnake

PhD student

Dr. Kristof T. Schütt

Senior Researcher

Prof. Dr. Vladimir Spokoiny

Head of Research Group

Prof. Dr. Matteo Valleriani

Research Group Leader at Dept. I

Ludwig Winkler

Doctoral Researcher

Dr. Eleni Tzirita Zacharatou

Postdoctoral Researcher

Member of Graduate School

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Leila Arras

Research project: “Explaining Artificial Neural Network Predictions: Extension and Evaluation”

Lennart Behme

Research Associate

Baris Büyüktas

Research project: “Novel Federated Learning Methods for Efficient, Effective and Privacy- Sensitive Earth Observation”

Kirill Bykov

Research project: “Towards a better understanding of Deep Neural Networks”

Gabriel Dernbach

Research project: “Linking Tissue Morphologies to Driver Mutations in Non-small-cell Lung Cancer”

Niklas Gebauer

Research project: “Generating Molecular Structures with Deep Neural Networks”

Leon Klein

Research project: “Improving Multi-body Sampling Algorithms with Machine Learning Methods”

Anastasiia Kozar

Research project: “Data Processing in a Fog/Cloud Environment”

Hannah Marienwald

Research project: “Theoretical Analysis of Learning Multiple Problems”

Rudi Poepsel Lemaitre

Research project: “Compliant Data Processing”

Mona Rams

Research project: “A New Approach for Transcriptomic Data Analysis based on Dictionary Learning”

Dominik Scheinert

Research project: “Adaptive Monitoring and Fault Tolerance for Distributed Analytics Pipelines”

Parastoo Semnani

Research project: “Optimized search strategy for composition of inorganic materials”

Management Team

Andrea Gerdes


Dr. Manon Grube

Graduate School Coordination

Katharina Jung

Head of Communications

Dr. Tina Schwabe

Graduate School Coordination

External Partners

Dr. Jochen Büttner

Research Associate

Hassan El Hajj

Research Technology Officer

Matthias Frey

Research Associate

Dr. Sebastian Schelter

Assistant Professor

Mohammad Yeghaneh Abkenar

Research Associate

Dr. Pierre Zweigenbaum

Senior Researcher


Dr. Philipp Benner


Prof. Dr. Gilles Blanchard

Full Professor for Mathematical Statistics

Dr. Stephanie Brandl

Postdoctoral Researcher

Prof. Dr. Gitta Kutyniok


Dr. Bettina Mieth


Prof. Dr. Nils Strodthoff


Dr. Lauritz Thamsen


Dr. Jonas Traub

Senior Developer