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Prof. Dr. Matteo Valleriani


Max Planck Institute for the History of Science

Boltzmannstr. 22, D-14195 Berlin

Prof. Dr. Matteo Valleriani


Fellow | BIFOLD

Principal Investigator | Berlin Center for Machine Learning

Professor for Special Appointments | University of Tel Aviv

Honorary Professorship in History of Science | Technical University Berlin

Research Group Leader at Dept. I | Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin

Matteo Valleriani is Research Group Leader in Dept. I, Honorary Professor at the Technische Universität Berlin, Professor for Special Appointments at the Faculty of Humanities at Tel Aviv University, and Principal Investigator of the Project “Images and Configurations in Corpora of University Textbooks” at the Berlin Center for Machine Learning.

2011 Paul-Bunge-Preis: Hans Jenemann Stiftung. Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker
2010 Marc-Auguste Pictet Prize: Société de Physique et d’Histoire Naturelle of Geneva
2007 International Museum Communication Award 2007 (3rd position) for the virtual exhibition. Einstein – Ingenieur des Universums (co-author)
1998 Carlo D’Amelio Award in Philosophy of Science. Department of Philosophy of the University of Naples “Federico II”

  • Cloud Computing
  • Big Data
  • IT Management
  • Resource Management
  • AI-supported IT Operations
  • HPC