July 24, 2024 | TU Berlin, Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin, EN 148

BIFOLD Colloquium 07/2024

Machine learning and advanced signal processing of medical time series hold great promise for automatizing and objectifying clinical prediction tasks. In his talk Prof. Stefan Haufe will give an overview over his group's work in neuroimaging and critical care.

September 08 - September 13, 2024

3rd BIFOLD Summer School

Join us for the 3rd Berlin Summer School of Artificial Intelligence and Society: AI and the Urban: Making cities smart(er)? The Summer School provides a platform to explore and critically reflect on the prerequisites and impacts of new technologies. It emphasizes sustainability in smart cities and assesses AI's role as both an opportunity and a potential threat to sustainable urban development.


Our Mission

BIFOLD conducts groundbreaking foundational research in Big Data Management (DM) and Machine Learning (ML), as well as their intersection, to educate the talents of the future and to create high-impact knowledge.



David Justen, Daniel Ritter, Campbell Fraser, Andrew Lamb, Nga Tran, Allison Lee, Thomas Bodner, Mhd Yamen Haddad, Steffen Zeuch, Volker Markl et al.

POLAR: Adaptive and Non-invasive Join Order Selection via Plans of Least Resistance

August 25, 2024

Robin Kirchner, Jonas Möller, Marius Musch, David Klein, Konrad Rieck, Martin Johns

Dancer in the Dark: Synthesizing and Evaluating Polyglots for Blind Cross-Site Scripting

August 14, 2024


Based on a highly competitive application process, the BIFOLD Graduate School offers an innovative fast-track PhD Program for students holding a bachelor’s degree, as well as a PhD Program for students with a master’s degree.