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PhD positions

Once per year BIFOLD seeks 10 PhD students (fully-funded, TV-L E13 Berliner Hochschulen) to join the Graduate School in October.
Currently we are seeking several PhD students starting October 2024.
For more details please see below and the full job posting: IV-835/23, Closing date: January 26, 2024.

We look for early stage researchers who want to earn a PhD in the areas of current challenges in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science (DS), with focus on data management (DM), machine learning (ML), and their intersection.


To be accepted as a doctoral student, you must have successfully completed a Masters or Diploma or equivalent degree in computer science (e.g., theoretical computer science, methodological-practical computer science, or technical computer science) or a closely related field of study with a focus on at least one BIFOLD core area (e.g., analytics, statistics, ML, DM systems and information management, data science, distributed systems, programming languages and compiler technology, high-performance computing) or acquire it before the program starts in October.

In exceptional cases we may accept students with an excellent Bachelor degree (1st class honours). Additional requirements will be defined on a case-by-case basis.


How to apply

Please read all information and the details below carefully before you apply.

Interested candidates should send their complete application documents in English (one Pdf file, max. 5 MB) via email to

Note that we can only consider applications that are complete.

Please submit the following documents as one Pdf file:

All submitted documents and certificates must be in English or German. If they are not in either language, please submit a copy of the original document and a translation into English.

After your application you will receive a confirmation by email, that we have received your application.

Selection procedure

The BIFOLD Graduate School admission committee will review and evaluate all applications after the application deadline. Incomplete applications will be discarded. The remaining applications are pre-screened by selected reviewers of the BIFOLD faculty based on academic qualifications, your motivation letter, your research experience and interests, and letters of recommendation. If your application is positively evaluated, it will be passed on to the participating BIFOLD GS advisors for further review. The top candidates will be shortlisted, and selected applicants will be notified by email and invited to give a short oral presentation about their previous scientific work and answer questions from the audience. They will also attend an interview. The final decision will be made and communicated as soon as possible afterward.


We look forward to receiving your application!