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Kajetan Jeremi Maliszewski


Technische Universität Berlin
Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA)

Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin

Kajetan Maliszewski Bifold researcher
© Kajetan Maliszewski

Kajetan Jeremi Maliszewski

Doctoral Researcher

Kajetan Jeremi Maliszewski is a Research Associate and a PhD candidate in the Database Systems (DIMA) group at TU Berlin mentored by Volker Markl and Jorge Quiané-Ruiz. Before joining TU Berlin as a researcher, he completed an EIT double M.Sc. at TU Berlin and UPM Madrid. During his Master’s thesis, he collaborated with Logical Clocks in Stockholm and developed infrastructure to enable streaming IoT data pipelines in Hopsworks.

  • confidential computing in databases
  • secure cloud
  • modern hardware