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Jannik Wolff


Technische Universität Berlin
Machine Learning / Intelligent Data Analysis (IDA)

Marchstraße 23, 10587 Berlin

Wolff Jannik Bifold Researcher
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Jannik Wolff

Doctoral Researcher

Jannik Wolff is a research associate at the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data (BIFOLD). He is a doctoral researcher at TU Berlin, advised by Prof. Klaus-Robert Müller and Shinichi Nakajima. Previously, he worked at SAP AI Research, advised by Rahul G. Krishnan, Tassilo Klein, and Moin Nabi. His research focuses on generative models for multiple modalities (such as vision and language) and probabilistic modeling. He published several peer-reviewed papers, holds one patent, and earned a Master's degree from TU Berlin.

  • Machine learning
  • Generative Models
  • Multimodal Learning
  • Probabilistic Modeling
  • Computer Vision