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Research Assistant (E13, Machine Learning)

The Machine Learning Group is located in the center of Berlin, close to the public park Tiergarten that spans 2.1 square kilometers. Berlin is one of Germany’s centers for machine learning research and industry, housing three universities and more than 70 research institutes such as the Fraunhofer and Max Planck societies.

Prof. Klaus-Robert Müller, one of Germany’s most-cited scientists, leads the Machine Learning Group while also serving as director of BIFOLD. The Machine Learning Group operates under the umbrella of BIFOLD, which benefits from 22 million EUR in permanent annual funding from the federal state.

Research at the intersection of deep learning and explainable machine learning, as well as histopathology or quantum chemistry; characterization und modelling of domain-informed deep neural networks; analysis of domain-specific deep neural networks with explainable machine learning; development of methods to identify learned concepts of (transformer-based) deep neural networks; post-hoc correction of deep neural networks; knowledge extraction from domain-specific deep neural networks; software implementation of machine learning methods; teaching duties.


Employer: TU Berlin / BIFOLD
Salary grade: TV-L E13 Berliner Hochschulen
Starting date (earliest): July 01, 2024 / for 5 years
Closing date: June 14, 2024
Full job posting: IV-232/24