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BIFOLD Update| June 21, 2023

In Memoriam

It is with deep sadness and regret that we must acknowledge the sudden death of our former colleague and friend Jorge-Arnulfo Quiané-Ruiz. He is and will forever be sorely missed. Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife Zoi Kaoudi, his four children, and his loved ones.

Corals sitting in the shelf
© BIFOLD/T.Rosenberg
Artist in Residence| June 05, 2023

The swan song of the corals

The installation CORALS by BIFOLD Artist in Residence Marco Barotti addresses the effects of climate change using coral reefs as an example. With the help of machine learning models, the artist modulates satellite data and shapes it into a mystical tapestry of sound.

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Data Management| June 05, 2023

Apache Flink honored with the 2023 ACM SIGMOD Systems Award

The open-source big data stream analytics platform Apache Flink won the 2023 ACM SIGMOD Systems Award. The SIGMOD Systems award is one of the world's most prestigious awards in the field of data management. The origins of Apache Flink can be traced back to Berlin.  

NCHC Taiwan meets BIFOLD
Data Management| May 26, 2023

Guest Visit: NCHC (Taiwan) meets BIFOLD

On May 26, 2023, BIFOLD welcomed a delegation from the National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC).

© Clem Onojeghuo / Unsplash
Graduate School| May 08, 2023

Earn a PhD at the BIFOLD Graduate School

BIFOLD Graduate School seeks 10 early career researchers who want to earn a PhD in the areas of current challenges in artificial intelligence and data science, with focus on data management, machine learning, and their intersection. The research program starts in October 2023, deadline for applications is May 12, 2023.

Machine Learning| March 29, 2023

How AI revolutionizes everyday life

At the 88th ZEIT Forum Wissenschaft BIFOLD Director Prof. Dr. Klaus-Robert Müller discussed with Kenza Ait Si Abbou, Director Client Engineering IBM, Mina Saidze, Data Lead Axel Springer SE, and Mario Brandenburg, Parliamentary State Secretary BMBF, how Artificial Intelligence is affecting our everyday life. The recording of the debate is available here.

Machine Learning| March 13, 2023

Do computers and humans "see" alike?

The field of computer vision has long since left the realm of research and is now used in countless daily applications, such as object recognition and measuring geometric structures of objects. One question that is not or only rarely asked is: To what extent do computer vision systems see the world in the same way that humans do?

Machine Learning| January 26, 2023

Simulation of complex quantum systems

An international team of BIFOLD scientists together with scientists from the Université du Luxembourg and Google has now successfully developed a machine learning algorithm to simulate complex quantum system.

© Konrad Rieck
January 02, 2023

Machine Learning and Security

Welcome to Prof. Dr. Konrad Rieck, who heads the new workgroup Machine Learning and Security at  BIFOLD and TU Berlin and started January 1, 2023.

© Georgios Smaragdakis
Data Management| December 15, 2022

Special honor for Georgios Smaragdakis

ACM names BIFOLD Fellow Prof. Dr. Georgios Smaragdakis as ACM Distinguished Member "For Outstanding Scientific Contributions to Computing".