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Girls' Day: dEIn Labor and BIFOLD offer AI workshop

Using AI to recognize handwriting

Delve deeper into machine learning and learn Python

April 25, 2024 is Girls’ Day and once again TU Berlin offers a huge and diverse workshop program for schoolgirls from grade 5. They can learn about study and professional fields like aerodynamics, logistics, and AI. All workshops are held in German. Many courses are already fully booked but there are still a few vacant spots. 

As part of the series of 13 workshops organized by the TU Berlin, dEIn Labor and BIFOLD are jointly organizing a workshop titled "Ein Tag mit der TU Berlin: Handschriften-Erkennung mit Künstlicher Intelligenz" (Handwriting Recognition with Artificial Intelligence). How do machines learn and how do algorithms work to recognize handwritten digits? The girls discover how artificial intelligence is already being used today and explore different approaches to how "learning" can be programmed. They'll write small programs in Python that can read handwritten digits.

In addition to the introduction to Python and machine learning, BIFOLD's doctoral researchers, Laure Ciernik and Ariane Ziehn, will provide insights into their current research, describe their daily life as scientists, and be available for any questions regarding the topic of AI and sciences.

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 More alternatives are available for anyone still seeking insights into AI, machine learning, or database management, e.g.

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