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© Max Planck Institute for the History of Science
Machine Learning| September 21, 2023

Peter-Haber-Preis for AI in historical sciences

Bachelor student Anika Merklein's award-winning poster uses AI to unveil secrets of early printing.

Klaus Robert Mueller machine learning IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
© IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing
Machine Learning| September 19, 2023

33rd IEEE MLSP Workshop in Rome

Between September 17th and 20th, the 33rd annual "IEEE International Workshop on Machine Learning for Signal Processing" (MLSP) takes place in Rome. Prof. Klaus-Robert Müller, the director of BIFOLD, shared his expertise in machine learning through a keynote speech and panel discussions.

BIFOLD Update| September 06, 2023

First Neuroscience of the Everyday World Conference

From August 29th to 30th the "Neuroscience of the Everyday World" conference convened neuroscientists, researchers and experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of continuous, multimodal brain measurements in naturalistic environments. The conference was organized, among others, by BIFOLD Research grouplead Dr. Alexander von Lühmann.

Data Management| September 05, 2023

VLDB honors NebulaStream demo

A perfect conclusion for the BIFOLD team at VLDB 2023 in Vancouver: The Nebula Stream team received an honorable mention for the best demo. In total, eleven researchers from the team of BIFOLD director Volker Markl participated in VLDB 2023 in Vancouver, one of the most important database conferences worldwide.

© P. Tözün
Big Data Engineering| August 28, 2023

Professor Dr. Pinar Tözün joins BIFOLD as a Visiting Scientist

Beginning on August 28, 2023, Professor Tözün will join BIFOLD as a Visiting Scientist. Above all, she will collaborate with Prof. Dr. Matthias Böhm and the Big Data Engineering group.

© BMBF/Hans-Joachim Rickel
Explainable AI| August 20, 2023

Gazing into the Black Box AI

Experts from Fraunhofer HHI and BIFOLD showcased an AI-assisted image evaluation technique at the BMBF Open Day. The demonstration gave an example of how Artificial Intelligence arrives at its decisions and sparked a dialogue on Explainable AI between professionals and attendees. Thanks to everyone who joined us in Berlin.

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August 14, 2023

Adversarial Papers: New attack fools AI-supported text analysis

Security researchers have found significant vulnerabilities in learning algorithms used for text analysis: With the help of a novel attack, they were able to show that topic recognition algorithms can be fooled by even small changes in words, sentences and references. 

© European Space Agengy (ESA)
Earth Observation| August 10, 2023

DA4DTE: Pioneering Satellite Data Archives with a Revolutionary Digital Assistant

Demonstrator Precursor Digital Assistant Interface for Digital Twin Earth (DA4DTE) is a project by the European Space Agency (ESA) that aims to simplify the usage of satellite data archives. A BIFOLD research group led by Prof. Dr. Begüm Demir has been pivotal in developing three of the four search engines featured in the digital assistant.

Federal Foreign Office Germany Willkommen AI Berlin
BIFOLD Update| July 10, 2023

BIFOLD welcomes Israel delegation

Among other institutions the BIFOLD hosted a delegation from Israeli universities as part of Germany's "Willkommen" Visitors Programme. Various BIFOLD researchers gave a short introduction to their research foci in AI. The “Willkommen” programme invites opinion leaders to experience Germany and gain a nuanced understanding of the country.

8 researchers represented BIFOLD at SIGMOD 2023
Data Management| June 26, 2023

8 researchers represented BIFOLD at SIGMOD 2023

Eight members of the BIFOLD team took the chance to showcase their recent work at SIGMOD 2023 in Seattle through a diverse array of presentations, including research papers, workshop papers, and a demo paper – all of them underscoring the institute's commitment to cutting-edge research in the field of data management.