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June 24, 2024

LNDW 2024: BIFOLD KI-scavenger hunt inspires families

For the Long Night of Science 2024  BIFOLD invited children,young people aged 9 to 15 and their families to explore the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI) via a digital scavenger hunt. The story revolved around the young scientist Rae Punzel and her missing friend AKI, a small chip. The hunt span five different stations where participants had the opportunity to interactively engage with various research projects. Starting point was the Fraunhofer HHI, AKI could finally be found at the Forum Digitale Technologien (FDT). Together, HHI and BIFOLD offered visitors of the Long Night a fascinating overview of current AI research at various booths, demos, and presentations. Around 350 LNDW guests visited the FDT during the night and playfully explored complex AI topics such as the Internet of Things or Explainable AI.

Amidst the bustling activity, BIFOLD had placed three game stations. Each station offered a glimpse into BIFOLD's cutting-edge technological research on machine learning and data management and potential applications. These applications included digital pathology, satellite image evaluation, and brain activity measurement. Each station was staffed by young scientists who enthusiastically and joyfully explained their research to both young and old.The doctoral and postdoctoral researchers demonstrated how AI can be used to analyze cell samples, evaluate satellite images, and measure brain activity. After successfully completing these three stations, the players reached the final station, solved the last puzzle, and freed AKI.

Thanks a lot to all participants and interested guests who enjoyed the nighttime stroll through the world of AI research.