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Langevin Cooling for Unsupervised Domain Translation

Vignesh Srinivasan
Klaus-Robert Müller
Wojciech Samek
Shinichi Nakajima

February 08, 2022

Domain translation is the task of finding correspondence between two domains. Several deep neural network (DNN) models, e.g., CycleGAN and cross-lingual language models, have shown remarkable successes on this task under the unsupervised setting--the mappings between the domains are learned from two independent sets of training data in both domains (without paired samples). However, those methods typically do not perform well on a significant proportion of test samples. In this article, we hypothesize that many of such unsuccessful samples lie at the fringe--relatively low-density areas--of data distribution, where the DNN was not trained very well, and propose to perform the Langevin dynamics to bring such fringe samples toward high-density areas. We demonstrate qualitatively and quantitatively that our strategy, called Langevin cooling (L-Cool), enhances state-of-the-art methods in image translation and language translation tasks.