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LIT-4-RSVQA: Lightweight Transformer-based Visual Question Answering in Remote Sensing

Leonard Hackel
Kai Norman Clasen
Mahdyar Ravanbakhsh
Begüm Demir

June 02 , 2023

Visual question answering (VQA) methods in remote sensing (RS) aim to answer natural language questions with respect to an RS image. Most of the existing methods require a large amount of computational resources, which limits their application in operational scenarios in RS. To address this issue, in this paper we present an effective lightweight transformer-based VQA in RS (LiT-4-RSVQA) architecture for efficient and accurate VQA in RS. Our architecture consists of: i) a lightweight text encoder module; ii) a lightweight image encoder module; iii) a fusion module; and iv) a classification module. The experimental results obtained on a VQA benchmark dataset demonstrate that our proposed LiT-4-RSVQA architecture provides accurate VQA results while significantly reducing the computational requirements on the executing hardware. Our code is publicly available at