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Unified Processing Model for Distributed Stream Reasoning


Dr. Danh Le Phuoc, Prof. Dr. Manfred Hauswirth

The agility project "Unified Processing Model for Distributed Stream Reasoning” aims to develop a framework that integrates complex data from various distributed stream data sources, like cameras and lidars, using semantic stream reasoning linked to knowledge graphs. The project's goals include building a runtime compiler for queries and a coordinator for distributed computing resources. It also focuses on optimizing reasoning operations, such as learning and probabilistic reasoning, for devices with limited resources. Additionally, the project is exploring the design of dynamic optimization algorithms for the effective management of distributed reasoning tasks. These efforts are directed toward answering key research questions about deployment, operation, and coordination within distributed systems.

April 29, 2024

BIFOLD papers accepted at the CVPR and ESWC 2024

The BIFOLD research project "Unified Processing Model for Distributed Stream Reasoning" released two preprints on Open Distributed Systems, which will be presented at the CVPR 2024 and ESWC 2024 conferences.