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Solution Simplex Clustering for Heterogeneous Federated Learning

Dennis Grinwald
Philipp Wiesner
Shinichi Nakajima

March 05, 2024

We tackle a major challenge in federated learning (FL) -- achieving good performance under highly heterogeneous client distributions. The difficulty partially arises from two seemingly contradictory goals: learning a common model by aggregating the information from clients, and learning local personalized models that should be adapted to each local distribution. In this work, we propose Solution Simplex Clustered Federated Learning (SosicFL) for dissolving such contradiction. Based on the recent ideas of learning solution simplices, SosicFL assigns a subregion in a simplex to each client, and performs FL to learn a common solution simplex. This allows the client models to possess their characteristics within the degrees of freedom in the solution simplex, and at the same time achieves the goal of learning a global common model. Our experiments show that SosicFL improves the performance and accelerates the training process for global and personalized FL with minimal computational overhead.