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NebulaStream: Data Management for the Internet of Things

Steffen Zeuch
Xenofon Chatziliadis
Ankit Chaudhary
Dimitrios Giouroukis
Philipp M. Grulich
Dwi Prasetyo Adi Nugroho
Ariane Ziehn
Volker Markl

May 30, 2022

The Internet of Things (IoT) presents a novel computing architecture for data management: a distributed, highly dynamic, and heterogeneous environment of massive scale. Applications for the IoT introduce new challenges for integrating the concepts of fog and cloud computing as well as sensor networks in one unified environment. In this paper, we present early approaches that address parts of the overall problem space. All approaches are incorporated into NebulaStream (NES), our novel data processing platform that addresses the heterogeneity, unreliability, and scalability challenges of the IoT and thus provides efficient data management for future applications.