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Research Groups

Database Systems and Information Management

Big Data, Data Streaming, Distributed Data

Machine Learning

Interpretable ML Methods, Data Modeling, Anomaly Dection 

Data Integration and Data Preparation

Databases, Data Integration, Data Mining

Management of Data Science Processes

Big Data Engineering

Data Science Abstractions and Systems, Performance-Accuracy Tradeoffs in Data Science, Data Cleaning Pipelines and Optimization

Big Data Analytics for Earth Observation

Data Management and Machine Learning for Earth Observation

Machine Learning and Security

Intelligent Security Systems and Attack-Resilient Machine Learning

Explaining Deep Neural Networks

Explainable AI, Machine Learning, Data Science

Probabilistic Modeling and Inference

Probabilistic Modeling, Bayesian Inference, Uncertainty Estimation

Intelligent Biomedical Sensing

Biomedical Engineering & Multimodal Data Analysis for Wearable Neurotechnology

Machine Learning for Molecular Simulation in Quantum Chemistry

Many-Body Dynamics, Physics-Informed Models, Numerical Methods

Distributed Data Stream Processing in Heterogeneous Environments

Heterogeneous Data Streams, Distributed Fog and Edge Environments, IoT Data and Application Management