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February 29, 2024

Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer

x-cardiac receives digitization award

x-cardiac receives digitization award

x-cardiac receives award for digitization in healthcare "Beste digitale Lösungen aus den Bundesländern"

x-cardiac receives an award for digitization in healthcare, "Best digital solutions from the federal states." The prize was awarded at the 4th Digital Forum Health on February 29, 2024, in Berlin. The prize was presented by Ursula Nonnemacher, Minister for Social Affairs, Health, Integration and Consumer Protection, and Deputy Prime Minister of the State of Brandenburg. X-cardiac is a spin-off of the Deutsches Herzzentrum der Charité (DHZC) and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin. BIFOLD Fellow Prof. Dr. Alexander Meyer is one of the company founders.

x-cardiac is an Artificial intelligence-based platform for clinical decision support and digital health in intensive care units. Their approach could  improve the quality and safety of treatment following cardiac or vascular surgery. In contrast to the current reactive approach in intensive care units, where intervention only takes place when there are clear signs of a complication (such as post-operative bleeding), x-cardiac can enable earlier intervention. To do this, it uses routinely collected patient data from intensive care units to predict post-operative complications. This innovative approach thus offers an entirely new perspective in managing post-operative patient care.
x-cardiac's products have successfully established themselves in everyday clinical practice. The potential reduction in the length of intensive care stays after heart surgery could save costs. A shorter stay in the intensive care unit could not only reduce the financial burden on hospitals, but also offer great benefits for patients. 
The award for digitalization in the healthcare sector, "Beste digitale Lösungen aus den Bundesländern," recognizes digitalization's outstanding achievements and transformative impact on the healthcare sector. A high-caliber jury selected three winners. Other winners are the company Recovery Cat and the model project GeRas. The award winners and other innovative projects and platforms are presented in detail in the new trend study by the Gesundheitsstadt Berlin association: "Digital solutions from the federal states - answers to demographic change and the shortage of doctors in rural areas."