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November 30, 2021

Katharina Jung

BIFOLD colloquium "Scalable and fast cloud data management"


Speakers: Norbert Ritter (University of Hamburg), Felix Gessert (Baqend), and Wolfram Wingerath (Baqend)

Venue: Virtual event

Time and date: December 06, 2021: 4 pm – 6 pm

Registration: If you are interested in participating, please contact:

Database research at the University of Hamburg is centered around scalable technologies for cloud data management and connects the dots between traditional database systems, web caching, and continuous data analytics. In this presentation, we provide a rundown of our research topics throughout the years and explain how we turned them into practice at the Software-as-a-Service company Baqend.
We first present an overview over the system space that we are concerned with and the high-level goals we pursue in our work. We then go into detail on how the Orestes architecture combines web caching with traditional data management techniques to accelerate primary key access in globally distributed setups. Next, we cover the InvaliDB architecture that employs continuous stream processing to extend the Orestes approach to complex database queries. Finally, we explain how the cloud service Speed Kit turns our research into practice by accelerating more than 100 million users per month. We close with ongoing and future work, including the Beaconnect project that revolves around continuous analytics over real-user tracking data with Apache Flink.


Norbert Ritter is a full professor of computer science at the University of Hamburg, where he heads the databases and information systems group (DBIS). He received his PhD from the University of Kaiserslautern in 1997. His research interests include distributed and federated database systems, transaction processing, caching, cloud data management, information integration, and autonomous database systems. He has been teaching NoSQL topics in various database courses for several years. Seeing the many open challenges for NoSQL systems, he, Wolfram Wingerath and Felix Gessert have been organizing the annual Scalable Cloud Data Management Workshop to promote research in this area.

Felix Gessert is CEO and co-founder of the Software-as-a-Service company Baqend. During his PhD studies at the University of Hamburg, he developed the core technology behind Baqend’s web performance service. Felix is passionate about making the web faster by turning research results into real-world applications. He frequently talks at conferences about exciting technology trends in data management and web performance. As a Junior Fellow of the German Informatics Society (GI), he is working on new ideas to facilitate the research transfer of academic computer science innovation into practice.

Wolfram Wingerath is the leading data engineer at Baqend where he is responsible for data analytics and all things related to real-time query processing. Starting in 2022, he will take over the Data Science professorship at the University of Oldenburg and will therefore transition into the Head of Research position at Baqend. During his PhD studies at the University of Hamburg, he conceived the scalable design behind Baqend’s real-time query engine and thereby also developed a strong background in real-time databases and related technology such as scalable stream processing, NoSQL database systems, cloud computing, and Big Data analytics.