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AI-based analytics in real-world application scenarios


September 28, 2023 Icon 01:30 - 14:30




Leonhard Hackel

AICube on EO-Lab - ConfigILM-Python-Library

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AI-Cube is a joint project of Jacobs University, Rasdaman and TU Berlin. In AI-Cube, data cube fusion and AI-based analytics will be integrated, demonstrated in real-world application scenarios and installed on a federation of EO-LAB, DIASes and other large-volume EO/Geo data offerings.

In this talk Leonard Hackel (BIFOLD, TU Berlin) will describe the ConfigILM python library, which combines models from two of the most popular pytorch image and language model libraries: timm and huggingface - a collection of nearly 1000 image and many thousand community trained language models respectively. Furthermore, dataloaders included in the library, which are crucial for efficient Visual Question Answering in Remote Sensing, will be presented.


  • Presentation of ConfigILM python library
  • Example use-case: Lightweight Transformer-based Visual Question Answering in Remote Sensing
  • Outlook for the further development of the ConfigILM library
  • Live-Demo

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Date: September 28, 2023
Time: 1:30 PM
Duration: 60 minutes
Language: English

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