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Showcasing Data Management Challenges for Future IoT Applications with NebulaStream

Aljoscha; Pham
Hoang Mi; Mons
Laura; Rueb
Balint; Grulich
Philipp M.; Chaudhary
Ankit; Zeuch
Steffen; Markl

August 01, 2023

Data management systems will face several new challenges in supporting IoT applications during the coming years. These challenges arise from managing large numbers of heterogeneous IoT devices and require combining elastic cloud and fog resources in unified fog-cloud environments.In this demonstration, we introduce a smart city simulation called IoTropolis and use it to create interactive eHealth and Smart Grid application scenarios. We use these scenarios to showcase three key challenges of unified fog-cloud environments. Furthermore, we demonstrate how our recently proposed data management system for the IoT NebulaStream addresses these challenges. Visitors to our demonstration can configure and interact with the scenarios to manage electricity usage in IoTropolis or to distribute patients across different hospitals. Thereby, visitors can actively engage with the challenges showcased by IoTropolis and utilize NebulaStream to address them. As a result, our demonstration enables visitors to experience data management for future IoT applications.