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A Dataset for Pharmacovigilance in German, French, and Japanese: Annotating Adverse Drug Reactions across Languages

Lisa Raithel
Hui-Syuan Yeh
Shuntaro Yada
Cyril Grouin
Thomas Lavergne
Aurélie Névéol
Patrick Paroubek
Philippe Thomas
Tomohiro Nishiyama
Sebastian Möller
Eiji Aramaki
Yuji Matsumoto
Roland Roller
Pierre Zweigenbaum

March 27, 2024

User-generated data sources have gained significance in uncovering Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), with an increasing number of discussions occurring in the digital world. However, the existing clinical corpora predominantly revolve around scientific articles in English. This work presents a multilingual corpus of texts concerning ADRs gathered from diverse sources, including patient fora, social media, and clinical reports in German, French, and Japanese. Our corpus contains annotations covering 12 entity types, four attribute types, and 13 relation types. It contributes to the development of real-world multilingual language models for healthcare. We provide statistics to highlight certain challenges associated with the corpus and conduct preliminary experiments resulting in strong baselines for extracting entities and relations between these entities, both within and across languages.