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3D Right Ventricle Reconstruction from 2D U-Net Segmentation of Sparse Short-Axis and 4-Chamber Cardiac Cine MRI Views

Lennart Tautz
Lars Walczak
Chiara Manini
Anja Hennemuth
Markus Hüllebrand

January 14, 2022

We reconstruct a 3D model of the right ventricle from short- and long-axis image data and evaluate the benefits compared to quantification based on the 2D image stack. Deep learning is used to extract short-axis contours. An initial surface representation based on the contours is refined using long-axis images. Using a deformable model, the surface around the basal plane is adapted to image data. The resulting models capture the shape of the right ventricle better than segmentation from short-axis images alone and allow for a more precise volumetry.