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EIT Digital Data Science Master’s Programme

The EIT Digital, European Institute of Innovation & Technology, has recently established a newData Science Master’s Program, which is launched in 2015. As one of six European universities involved in this initiative – KTH/Stockholm, UNS/Nice-Sophia, TUB/Berlin, TUE/Eindhoven, UPM/Madrid, PoliMi/Mailand – TU Berlin offers a specialisation in the Design, Implementation, and Usage of Data Science Instruments, which provides training in three key areas, namely,

  • scalable data management
  • data analysis
  • machine learning applications

Please, learn more about:

the Data Science Master (DSC)

the EIT Digital Master School

the EIT Digital, European Institute of Innovation & Technology

Data Science and Engineering Master’s Track

School IV, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, of Technische Universität Berlin offers a Data Science and Engineering Track (Certification) integrated in the master’s study program of computer science, computer engineering and business intelligence. During the studies three columns support the specialization:

  • Scalable Data Analytics
  • Scalable Data Management
  • An application area

Application areas are: Medical science, materials research, energy, logistics

A wide range of english courses guarantees that students without German language knowledge can follow this track.

Description of the certified Data Science and Engineering Track [PDF]

Learn more about the Data Analytics Laboratory.