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Research Assistant (E13) Database Systems and Information Management

Research Assistant (E13) Database Systems and Information Management


The Database Systems and Information Management (DIMA) Group conducts basic and applied research in data management, big data, and data science in conjunction with the Berlin Institute for the Foundations of Learning and Data - BIFOLD at TU Berlin in the following areas:

  1. Technologies and systems for the management and processing of massive amounts of distributed data.
  2. Scalable data analytics infrastructures that exploit the hardware-software co-design of components for data storage, search, data processing, community management, and market mechanisms, including security, pricing, and privacy.
  3. Technologies and systems for responsible data management that ensures data science processes are transparent, repeatable, and traceable.


Currently we are seeking a Research Assistant in the following areas:

  1. Investigation of different methods for declarative specification and automatic optimization, parallelization and hardware adaptation of analysis procedures on large, heterogeneous data sets with high data rates. Research focus: data analysis and programming models that allow analysts or data scientists to develop analyses even without knowledge of system programming. 
  2. Investigation on how automatic optimization can be used to efficiently run a data analysis program without changes on massively distributed environments as well as on simple CPUs or multicore computer systems. 
  3. Teaching duties.


Employer: TU Berlin / BIFOLD
Salary Grade: E13, TVL Berliner Hochschulen
Starting Date: at the earliest possible (for five years)
Closing Date: July 6, 2023
Full job posting: IV-133/23