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Dr. Lauritz Thamsen


University of Glasgow
School of Computing Science

Dr. Lauritz Thamsen

External Partner

Philipp Wiesner, Dominik Scheinert, Thorsten Wittkopp, Lauritz Thamsen, Odej Kao

Cucumber: Renewable-Aware Admission Control for Delay-Tolerant Cloud and Edge Workloads

August 01 , 2022

Philipp Wiesner, Ilja Behnke, Dominik Scheinert, Kordian Gontarska, Lauritz Thamsen

Let's Wait Awhile: How Temporal Workload Shifting Can Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Cloud

October 25 , 2021

Kordian Gontarska, Morgan Geldenhuys, Dominik Scheinert, Philipp Wiesner, Andreas Polze, Lauritz Thamsen

Evaluation of Load Prediction Techniques for Distributed Stream Processing

August 10 , 2021