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Research Assistant (E13, ELIZA), two open vacancies

Research Assistant (E13, ELIZA)

2 positions - Research Assistant

About ELIZA: The Konrad Zuse School of Excellence in Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELIZA) is a graduate school in the field of artificial intelligence (Al) funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). ELIZA's research and training activities focus on four main topics: the basics of machine learning (ML)- including ML-driven fields like computer vision, NLP, or robot learning -, machine learning systems, applications in autonomous systems, as well as trans-disciplinary applications for machine learning in other scientific fields, from life sciences to physics.

The graduate school offers the funded individuals a combination of excellent, research-based education at the Master's and doctoral level, supervision provided by internationally renowned mentors from both academia and industry, and networking opportunities across different sites.
Coordinated by TU Darmstadt, ELIZA brings together research institutes from seven German citles. They work together under the umbrella of the European Laboratory for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), Europe's leading academic network for machine learning-focused Al.

The two positions are part of the ELIZA Graduate School and will be filled at TU Berlin in the Machine Learning research group headed by Prof. Müller. The positions will be co-supervised by Prof. Noé (FU Berlin).

Tasks: The PhD projects will focus on foundational research and current challenges in Al, ML and intelligent data analysis, Including the development of novel theories, algorithms, and technologies, as well as prototypical systems and tools. Possible topics include Bayesian inference, deep learning, reinforcement learning, and secure and explainable ML. Participation in the ELIZA curriculum, including cross-site courses and KI-Campus, and a 6-12 months research stay at another ELIZA site are mandatory.
The opportunity to prepare a PhD thesis is given.

Employer: TU Berlin 
Salary Grade: E13, TVL Berliner Hochschulen
Closing Date: December 08, 2023
Full job posting: IV-709/23